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SelfCARE is SelfLOVE

We often forget to take care of ourselves when we are working, being a parent, friend or a great employee.

In order to give love to others you must first show yvrself love. Self Love is often perceived as selfish but it is the only way to take care of one’s self.

You most say no to others so you can say YES to YvrSELF!!

One hour everyday should be spent with just you.

There are many free ways to take care of yvrself. Going for a walk can not only keep your physical self fit but it gives yvr mental capacity a break to be at ease. There is very little decision making for the brain during an at pace walk, giving yvrself much needed self care time.

Some other easy FREE and even at-home things are coloring in a color book. This is done often by children for relaxation time. Recent research has shown this also produces the same if not more benefit to adults.

Yoga is awesome for both mental and physical as well. YouTUBE now has tons of free options to get you from novice to expert. OR you can simply dance around the living room to yvr favorite tunes.

If you can afford the expense, get yvr nails and hair done. Personal grooming can lift the spirits and self love. Buy yvrself a gift. Small or big, sometimes we need a perfect gift too.

My final message is to set safe boundaries and safe spaces. Who you speak to daily creates yvr thoughts, which create yvr character.

LOVE YvrSELF FIRST, we need YOU!!!!!

Always from Yvie @YvrFirst


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