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Product Review: Cantu: Care for Kids shampoo and curl refresher

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Care for Kids Cantu products. Curl refresher and nourishing shampoo
Cantu for Kids

There are soo many new options for curly hair and the confusion that our products need to be specially made. Well there are some "special" things to keep in mind when looking for products. But this is not one for jut curly girls, kids also have very soft hair and need special care. SO from Yvr Curly Girl, I have some things to look out for and this Cantu: Care for Kids products.

Things in Cantu: Just the label

Both the shampoo and curl refresher start with letting you knows the product will "carefully cleanse coils & curls," and "refresh and define curls without buildup." These are both marketing done well to let you know without a doubt your curls will be catered to.

They also make sure you know there are "NO Sulfates, parabens or mineral oils." Sulfate and Parabens cause drying and with children and curly hair your raised cuticle is more likely to damage easier from these chemical. Mineral oils are know for moisturizing but due to the thickness it can cause clogged pores.

Lastly they both highlight there use of Shea butter, coconut oil & honey. All three of these products are known to add safe moisture to the hair.

How I feel: Used only for kids or braid take-down

When working with kids I also try to use a soft shampoo. Shampoo's too harsh or too often can be dangers to anyone's hair but definitely for kids. I found that I LOVE the immediate detangling that happens during shampoo. There is not extra lathering so you can see the clean happen.

The curl refresher is very light. I only use this with really young kids. Any curly girl who's hair has volume, this product wont do much.

It is a great detangler aid.

I use it when I am taking down braids for kids. It helps provide just the right amount of moisture to assist.

Cost: Just right

What is very important when talking kids products is cost. With each of these only at $3.25 @ YvrHair1st Store this is a great combo for simple daily or weekly use.

*Remember too much shampoo of any kind can dry out hair


Target $4.49

Walmart $3.97

Amazon $3.97

Before I go: My rating and don't forget yours

Before I go, know I am not a fan of many Cantu products because they tend to be high in the harmful things mentioned above. HOWEVER these are the few I do recommend because they take them out of the kid product line.

Its been 25 years of me making my own products and these are some of the very few I would recommend for young curly girls.

Lets give this a 2 thumbs up for kid products. Click to BUY NOW!!

If you have used the product please leave a review. I would love to hear your views and don't forget to rate the thumbs up or down. RATE NOW


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