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When people ask me what I do for work, I hesitate. I already know that when these words come out of my mouth they overwhelm you. I am an education consultant and life advocate. I am a math supervisor, which just means I write math educational curriculum. I also run a home base salon and hair store. I have my own product line. Oh and most importantly I am a mom of a college student and my homeschooled11-year-old gifted child. 

Let me tell you that none of these jobs are part-time and ALL of them are my passion. 

As a little girl, I struggled in school, not academically but just being present. I grew up without my mom or dad so no matter how smart I was I just could not focus. I almost lost my way several times. It took me 12 years and 13 jobs before I became a high school math teacher. But that was not enough. I encountered many little boys and girls like me, and I needed to be a stronger part of creating change. SO Secondary Math Supervisor and NOW Education Consultant.

At 11 I left the salon with my hair half finished and the stylist said "You have too much hair, can you come back tomorrow?" Tomorrow turned into never, so I figured it out for myself.  ("Where was YouTube then lol?") I hated my hair soo much back then. I started working in a salon at 13 and was taught how to make my own products. The story continues and I am glad I never quit even though I was ever distracted. SO now on this hair journey, I try to make sure every client leaves my chair loving themselves just a little more than they came.


OH, then there is my children. My oldest was always ahead. They sat him in the library most days and he just read. Now my youngest was not that easy. He had a very hard time in a traditional class. He was ranked in the 99% nationally in both Reading and Math. His teachers told him "he asks too many questions." Then came the pandemic. He was literally doing his work in his head. The weekly "challenge" problem was done in 10 minutes. SO now alternative education. 


What can I do for you


The four main types of coaching; Personal, Journey, Career, Value Coach. A Personal Coach is someone who helps you create a vision. A Journey Coach is also known as a transition coach. This is someone who helps you focus your vision. Sometimes this also means a refocus as well. A Career Coach helps you direct a vision. Career goals cover grade school, college, trade, and/or business. A Value Coach guides you to the moral grounds which guide your goals. 


A Life Advocate is all of these things. Yvr First gives you the covering of a life coach to help you focus on what is best for you. During our process you will create Yvr Personal O.V.E.R.throw.


Organize yvr innovation

Void yvr roadblocks

Expand yvr target interest

Recreate yvr circle

THROW into motion yvr evolution.



  • Group Sessions

  • Personal Coaching

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Workshops & Webinars


so that just what I do...

I can not really describe who I am but let's try.

"I am a MOM fighting to give my children love I never experienced."

 Hugs and kisses daily, food every day, education and choices making sure I feel joy so I can give joy.

"I am a goofball." 

Cover under my soft shell is a ball of fun who would prefer to laugh with every step of every day.

"I am the FIRST college grad in my family."

This may not be much to many but the journey has been long. 


"I am a black, woman, math educator."

It's almost an anomaly. Every young black girl that crosses my path is watching me.

"I am a black woman!!" I must repeat!!

I live and breathe through the lens of "not good enough" by sight in every room I walk in. I am also too strong in my approach. Oh and don't let me be angry.....I digress


Life has daily challenges and I am now ready for every one.

Every day before every journey with every new step I remind myself, sis "YVRFIRST!"

My #selfcare starts with being #JealousOfMe 

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